Science & Nature Education

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In today’s times respecting nature does not always come through to our children, so we strive to expose them to a beautiful, safe and organic environment.

Our facility is extremely spacious with well kept gardens so hands-on-gardening is part of our children’s daily routines.

We have fruit trees such as apricot, banana, lime, orange, grape, tangerine, guava, peach, berries, plum, fig, passion fruit as well as many vegetables. Spending time in the landscape, exploring the soil, learning about science and nature can be very educational. The facility layout is designed to stimulate children’s curiosity, and empower their imagination, wonder and discovery.

Children will use a couple of basic gardening tools as well as binoculars and magnifying glasses when watching birds, lady bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, worms, caterpillars, working bees and all sorts of bugs. This discovery process also brings children together to communicate with each other and socialize.

When we share our love of gardening and recycling with children we are planting the seeds of a lifelong passion and awareness. It is wonderful to get children interested in gardening. Give them some seeds and a spot of their own, show them what to do and watch the magic happen.