Kaima & Elizabeth Mburugu

Kids Care Spot has been a true blessing for my family and we are thankful every day for having found this magical place.

Our son instantly fell in love with Ligia, Minnie, Lupe and the love he has received back from them just warms our hearts. The hardest thing for a parent is to leave their child in the care of someone, however you quickly learn to let go because they are very experienced and very nurturing to your child. This allows you to go to work in peace and know that everything is ok.

We love that the daycare is structured and there is a set schedule of activities followed every day. It is a very fun and inspiring environment for our toddler because there are lots of fun educational activities. Our son is never bored as they never stay in one place, the kids move through various sections of the property throughout the day. The yard is a gem! It is beautifully laid out in a great way that allows the kids to play, eat and learn how to garden.

The children are served delicious home cooked meals and they learn proper hygiene. The home is very clean, very organized, and child proofed. Ligia is also very strict about security and safety. She makes sure all children, staff and parents follow safety precautions so no child is endangered. This is very reassuring to us.

He also learns a lot while at daycare. They have been teaching him Portuguese and it makes us excited to see him learn another language. My son’s vocabulary has increased tremendously since he has been there and we love to see the projects he comes home with every day.

This is like a second home to our child and I would not hesitate to recommend it to other parents.