Alice Gandolfo

Web Specialist


Our son went to Kids Care Spot daycare for one year and we loved it. Ligia and Lupe are excellent providers and we always felt they went beyond our expectations. We loved every aspect of Kids Care Spot, including the food, the environment, the activities and different arts and crafts projects. One of the best things about Kids Care Spot is the routine. The schedule is great and we loved the fact the kids have a lot of time to play, run and have fun outside. We took our son a year later just to visit Ligia and Lupe and he had a great time.

Dave & Clarissa Zulick

Real Estate & Small Business Owner


Kids Care Spot is a bright spot in Olde Carlsbad. Our first child was one of Ligia and Minnie’s first kids. Our second and third child also attended Kids Care Spot. Ligia and Minnie are up-to-date, energetic, accountable and provide a safe, clean, and stimulating environment. They even prepare quality home cooked meals for the children. We have become neighborhood friends and would not hesitate to recommend Kids Care Spot to any parent.

Deborah Ruhe

Escrow Assistant


My daughter happily attended Kids Care Spot for 3 years. She enjoyed arts and crafts, interactive learning and got lots of fresh air in the beautiful environment Ligia and Minnie have provided for children. My daughter was very well prepared for kindergarten and I believe this daycare played an important role in her smooth transition into school. Ligia and Minnie are warm and loving people and always made us feel like family. I now, years later, bring my second child here!

Maria Gandolfo

Educational Consultant for UNESCO


I have received today a beautiful gift when going through KIDS CARE SPOT website . Alice, my daughter, has been keeping us informed about our grandson’s, Anthony, adaptation and learning experiences. Honestly, I was amazed with the environment and the little ones activities; with the materials’ colors, the possibility of contact with nature, as well as details such as the colorful parrots seen in the dinning patio.

Another interesting aspect is the methodology used which values moral aspects such as “respect, tolerance and diversity”. Congratulations, because values like these are extremely important ones in the formation of the character of a human being .

I am very pleased to hear that an American-Brazilian is playing such an important role in the Child Development Education in the USA.

I used to work as a teacher/professor and pedagogic co-ordinator in primary and higher education for many years. Presently, I am retired and own an educational consulting company since 2004. I also work as a consultant for UNESCO.

I have sent the link to your website to a school, here in Porto Alegre, so you both can exchange some ideas.

I wish KIDS CARE SPOT a lot of success on this on-going challenge, and if you need any assistance , do not hesitate in contacting me.


Monica McDaniel



My twin boys attended Kids Care Spot for two years.  During that time, they were exposed to 3 different languages, our native Brazilian culture, and a variety of pre-K lessons.  By the time we left, my boys were writing their names and identifying letters – a huge transformation from when they began.

They are now ahead of their class, thanks to Ligia and Minnie and their utmost dedication in educating children while they are in their care.  They practice discipline and good hygiene, and even teach the kids about gardening and eating healthy.  Those two years my children attended her Day Care were well worth it!

Nikolaos & Yvette Angel

Fire Fighter & Child Therapist


Our son, Michael started attending Kids Care Spot at six months of age. As new parents we were nervous leaving our child for the first time. From the onset our worries were eased due to Ligia, Minnie, and Lupe’s warm and compassionate demeanor. They always took the time to answer our questions and cater to our special needs. It was such a relief to know we had made the right choice. As time went by and Michael spent more time with these wonderful women, we realized it was not just the right choice but it was the best choice.

Michael always looked forward to attending Kids Care Spot. Learning opportunities were abundant. Stimulating lesson plans, gardening experiences, manners being taught and reinforced, and notorious home cooked meals were always provided. The meals were not only nutritious but they were delicious, as I have been luck enough to sample many. Knowing that Michael was being taken care of in the best environment possible was so reassuring.

Ligia, Minnie, and Lupe have become more than just Michael’s teachers they have become apart of our family. We feel so fortunate to have found an excellent daycare while forming a lasting friendship with Ligia, Minnie, and Lupe.

I highly recommend this preschool/daycare to any family that is looking for high quality care for their child.

Ida LaChiusa

Social Worker


My children have gone to Kids Care Spot daycare and preschool for many years, and I highly recommend it. Ligia and Minnie provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for children in Ligia’s lovely home, and they have always been flexible and accommodating with our schedules.

Allison Soares



Kids Care Spot has taken care of our son since 2011. Ligia and Minnie are very dependable and I feel blessed to have them as a part of my son’s life. They both have kind-hearted, patient and nurturing personalities.

Ligia and Minnie go above and beyond their duties as daycare providers. They have helped my son by teaching him through daily activities, projects and songs. They have expanded his language skills by speaking to him in Portuguese and Spanish as well as English.

I love that the children follow a schedule and move inside and outside of her house to participate in many different activities throughout the day. Ligia and Minnie also make homemade meals for lunch which are nutritious and delicious. Finally, Ligia’s home is always extremely clean and organized even in the middle of the day!

I highly recommend Kids Care Spot to any parent.

Jessica & Juan Blanchard

Hospitality & Food and Beverage


We found Kids Care Spot when looking for a daycare in close proximity to our work and that would provide a structured environment for our son. Ligia, Minnie and Lupe are all dependable caregivers and are fluent in Porteguese, English and Spanish.

The facility is clean and provides plenty of activities for the kids both indoors and outdoors. There are several different outdoor play spaces for the kids. They have a clear schedule for the kids with nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks and all of their meals are homemade and fresh. Ligia and Minnie are genuinely interested in our son’s well being and she has helped teach him manners, how to share with other kids and they were able to help us get our son on a nap schedule!

Ligia and Minnie have been very flexible with their schedule and is available to help watch Skyler late. They have options for evening care too! We are grateful to have found Kids Care Spot and would absolutely recommend them to any of our friends. We feel like Skyler is part of the family at Kids Care Spot.

Kaima & Elizabeth Mburugu

Investment Advisor & Software Consultant


Kids Care Spot has been a true blessing for my family and we are thankful every day for having found this magical place.

Our son instantly fell in love with Ligia, Minnie, Lupe and the love he has received back from them just warms our hearts. The hardest thing for a parent is to leave their child in the care of someone, however you quickly learn to let go because they are very experienced and very nurturing to your child. This allows you to go to work in peace and know that everything is ok.

We love that the daycare is structured and there is a set schedule of activities followed every day. It is a very fun and inspiring environment for our toddler because there are lots of fun educational activities. Our son is never bored as they never stay in one place, the kids move through various sections of the property throughout the day. The yard is a gem! It is beautifully laid out in a great way that allows the kids to play, eat and learn how to garden.

The children are served delicious home cooked meals and they learn proper hygiene. The home is very clean, very organized, and child proofed. Ligia is also very strict about security and safety. She makes sure all children, staff and parents follow safety precautions so no child is endangered. This is very reassuring to us.

He also learns a lot while at daycare. They have been teaching him Portuguese and it makes us excited to see him learn another language. My son’s vocabulary has increased tremendously since he has been there and we love to see the projects he comes home with every day.

This is like a second home to our child and I would not hesitate to recommend it to other parents.